Behind-the Scenes Comedy Show

Behind the Scenes Grand Forks Concert Ticket (1)

Behind the Scenes Grand Forks Concert Ticket (1)


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Martin in the Morning: Time Warp

Well the show went as planned. Two hours of comedy is no easy task. Jan 14th 2023 was the date where I presented the comedy show at the GF Beer Co who has been making their space available for performers to do something creative.

So, I decided to present my new show of improv, stand-up, theatre sports and audience participation. It went well and all I have to say is that the crowd was great and we all had a great time. I have attached a few photos (by Peter Kalasz) of the night.

Doing the radio show part of the show!
Audience participation!
In the zone!
The crowd goes wild!

2020 -2021 Update

There were a lot of things that happened last year that spilled into 2021. Many good as well as an unexpected negative one.

The job as ‘talent’ at the radio station kept me very busy. Waking at 4AM weekdays, winter driving the most treacherous 40km chunk of Highway 3 to get to the station, prepping the news at 5AM, and then spending the next 4 hours keeping people happy and entertained. A task that may seem easy, but it takes a lot out of you on some of our ‘new normal’ days. I’ll share more about the radio station with you soon.

The GVFD also has kept me busy. With more people staying in Canada, we have had more calls. I chose to be a volunteer firefighter so I am not complaining about the calls in the wee hours to help someone in need. But someone has to care and I’m not alone. I work with a team of superheroes on many calls. The police, ambulance, paramedics, and the crew at the fire hall. I’m proud to be a part of it all. I’ll share more with you soon too.

The volunteer work I was doing as president with the Board of Trade ended differently as planned. The good news? I have an extra 30 hours a month to myself and my businesses. The other ‘good’ news is that I discovered who the people in my community are, who do not deserve my help and kindness. More on this fiasco in the coming weeks as well.

Otherwise, I hope that you have been hanging in there as it has been a tough time for us all. Since we are in a big ‘reset’ I hope that you are learning a new language, or musical instrument. I also hope that you give people a break on their frustration, give some kindness, share a laugh, hug those you can hug, and remember, together is is the mindset.

We can get through the next few months working together. I have been busy with many new projects and will also share them with you here. This video project is one of them.