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Behind the Scenes Grand Forks Concert Ticket (1)

Behind the Scenes Grand Forks Concert Ticket (1)


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Cox & McRae Concert in Grand Forks

It is always a pleasure to help out friends. I received an email from a friend on the west coast who is one of the originators of house concerts. Their friends were planning a CD release concert tour and had an open date, so I was contacted to see what I could do. Well, I am pleased to announce that I was able to arrange and host a date on the tour and here are the details!

On April 15th 2023 at 7PM, there will be the Cox & McRae concert at the Masonic Hall (366 Market Ave.) in Grand Forks. The Cox & McRae concert tour is to promote their new CD and will make a well appreciated stop in the quaint city of Grand Forks. 

The duo of Doug Cox and Linda McRae require no introduction in the entertainment industry but for the rest of us, we may know that Linda was a member of the Canadian musical sensation Spirit of the West as singer, and accordionist while Doug, being a slide guitar virtuoso in his own right, played on some of the greatest folk and country music recordings. Both Cox & McRae spend their time between the West Coast of Canada and Nashville, Tennessee.

Systems Solar is taking part of the show by handling online ticket sales. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here, and for more information about the show please visit the Cox&McRae website.

Martin in the Morning: Time Warp

Well the show went as planned. Two hours of comedy is no easy task. Jan 14th 2023 was the date where I presented the comedy show at the GF Beer Co who has been making their space available for performers to do something creative.

So, I decided to present my new show of improv, stand-up, theatre sports and audience participation. It went well and all I have to say is that the crowd was great and we all had a great time. I have attached a few photos (by Peter Kalasz) of the night.

Doing the radio show part of the show!
Audience participation!
In the zone!
The crowd goes wild!

A story began just as access was ending

Set of Martin @ the Crossroads

A story began just as access was ending and I did not know it was coming. At the time I was happy when I had the chance to do my show on Shaw Access. I got 12* episodes in before it ended. SHAW did a major shake-up in their access channels and it pretty much ended then. This video was the introduction for the show. As usual, non scripted, raw and… just me. Within the first few days it had over 1,200 views on Facebook:

Although the show ended as did the way ShawTV produced its access channel, I have for you a link to my shows on SHAW’s YouTube Channel: