Business Video Offer

A business or organization needs to be seen. The best way is with a short promotional video that can be shared, uploaded and most importantly… one that will be watched.

My name is Martin and having worked on hundreds of promotional videos for some of the biggest companies and ad agencies in the world, I know a thing or two on how to get your message across, and… having written and directed 79 episodes of broadcast TV, anchored international news, and having produced hundreds of presentations for business, I should know a thing or two about this ‘video’ business.

Martin reporting from an international airshow

Now that I reside in the Boundary, my message to you is simple: A video has to be to the point and clever. Of course, the budget has to be clever as well. So I came up with a ‘clever’ offer with a ‘to the point’ price:


Just $299 (plus GST) for a professionally produced HD video of up to 60 seconds. No third party presenters, and no distractions. Just a professionally produced video that is just as appealing as it is to the point. The point being a video to help sell your product, organization, performer, or service.

The process is simple:

  • request the offer using the contact page. please include your name, company, email address and phone number. If you want to see some of my work please click here.
  • an invoice will be sent by email from Systems Solar).
  • pay the invoice by credit card.
  • we will then plan your video and set a shoot date.

*the price is valid in the Boundary District between Christina Lake and Carmi. GST will be added and the price is based on a one day shoot. Offer may end at any time. Other conditions apply.