Given my work in media, technology, and entertainment I want to give you or your group a close and personal look into the most common features of everyday life and how to deal with them personally, as a business owner, or a media specialist. Everyone can benefit from these workshops as I am sharing real world stories and experiences. 

Here are a couple lectures and workshops that are ready to be booked either in person or virtually. 

Martin Huhn is no stranger to world news. Having worked at a foreign news agency as editor-in-chief, as a TV interview host, and as TV news anchor in the Middle East for over a decade, he has seen firsthand how the news machine works – from inside and out.
Having entered the news industry, not as a journalist but as a writer, Martin is now back safe and sound in Canada to share this outsider’s experience firsthand.

This lecture is the perfect opportunity to find what we know and don’t know about what news we are actually receiving, and to learn ways to find out more of the truth out there. It also includes a question and answer period at the end.

Martin is also computer and internet savvy and, with this knowledge, he adds a unique counterpoint on how news is used and shared by broadcasters. Even more importantly, how it also may be used as propaganda, or manipulated with censorship which may be a surprise coming from a part of the openly connected world we think we live in.

Martin is no stranger being immersed in news and trauma. Having been a volunteer firefighter and news editor in the Middle East, it is emotionally, physically, and mentally demanding. One must develop special armour for these types of work.

However, for the everyday person, it can lead to anxiety and unnecessary worry.  This lecture give the attendee some guidance as to how to process and deal with the news. Having studied Mindfulness Mediation, Martin shares some tips on how to deal with our news-centric world with something as simple as breathing.

This lecture can be presented in varying lengths.

There is so much to know about selling or just being found online. This one day workshop covers the logic behind it all. I have worked with not “just any” companies, I has worked with the largest companies in the world. I have provided not only text for websites, but have also worked with clients for page rank, SEO, keywords, and evaluation of social media promotions. Many of my clients spend over $500,000 a month on ‘click’ advertising so you could say I knows what makes “clicks tick”!

This workshop is crucial for your business if you want to start investing in an online presence. It will also help you understand the relationship of all the relative jargon used in e-commerce.

There are many ways we can promote a company or organization, its services or products. This can be done via press releases, news stories, or copy for online or print advertising. If these are part of, or desired to be part of, your promotional plan, this workshop is for you or your media personnel.

Writing a press release, a blog post, or even a tweet is a big thing these days. How about for marketing to the world. Writing text that will be translated needs to be written in a very special way. I have seen time and time again where copy in one language translates into a train wreck, or worse! This workshop looks at ‘buzzwords’ and more importantly, euphemisms that can ruin a products reputation in seconds!


  • Advertising copy – A look at how the big players do their global ad homework.
  • Writing for Voice – A look at the parameters of writing voice scripts.
  • Ad Campaign Planning – Learn tips and tricks from the big players in the world.
  • The Reality of News –  What is really happening and how to find it.
  • Smart Technology – Don’t let smart technology get the best of you.
  • WordPress – Getting beyond “Hello World” and making your mark on the internet.
  • Social Media – Using apps and plug-ins to centralize your social media presence.
  • FUD & FOMO – Very important acronyms in marketing & advertising to mess us up.

For information on pricing and the hosting of these lectures and workshops please use the contact page by clicking here.