Thanksgiving 2020

There’s a lot to be thankful for albeit all the changes in our “habits“ the past while.

The two things I’m most thankful for are food security and our volunteer emergency services organizations. I’m happy to live in a country where I can go to a store and purchase the food I need (as well as those yummy things I should not eat) and, as a volunteer fire fighter, our first responders. I don’t say this to point praise at myself, but to thank all those, when I get the dispatch call, other people who show up at the fire hall when a life (or lives) are at risk.
So the next time you think there’s no hope, or no one cares anymore, remember to give thanks to those who, on their own accord jump out of bed at 5:36 AM on Thanksgiving Sunday (or any day) to, make a difference to the people in your community. It makes me proud to be a part of what’s good out there.

Happy Thanksgiving 2020!


It’s nice to be flying again. I’m also quite happy that my new base airport is Campbell River or as it’s known in pilot speak “CYBL”.

The area is stunning and the island goes on forever. Across the Salish Sea are a wall of snow-capped mountains that leave little room to penetrate under 8,000 feet.

Campbell Lake is spectacular as well and I hope to get there sometime soon.

The only thing that was negative was having a viewpoint that sees the vast clearcuts of what once was forest. Now just snowpack, spring will melt it off and wash the soil along with it. I wish there was a better way to log but it seems this is one sight that hasn’t changed since I started flying aircraft. Hope one day it will change.

Episode 12 – Elvis Stojko & Gladys Orozco

Well it seems this episode is one that everyone has been waiting for. Professional skaters Elvis Stojko and Gladys Orozco were my guests for episode 12.

You can watch the show on ShawTV North Island channel 4 for the next two weeks or, at your convenience right here!