Mindfulness Meditation

Life is getting more and more compressed. Family, work, school, and that person that just got in your way. Somedays it is hard to stop our mind from running on way past bedtime or Friday quitting time. I found a way to make it more calm…

This is where mindfulness meditation comes in to your life. Wouldn’t you like to just stop your brain for a while? Wouldn’t you want to stop the tension that builds as you ponder all those irritating thoughts that keep running through your brain?

I have studied/practiced mindfulness meditation (MiCBT) for nearly 5 years and have found the benefits to be quite rewarding. I’m now ready to share this ancient practice of calm and focus. Having worked in such demanding fields as news, and TV production as well as more recently volunteer firefighting, I have needed every form of relaxation to get through the day. Since a bottle (pills or booze) were never my idea of escape, I roughed it (life) out for many years up until I started studying mindfulness meditation under the guidance of a family physician here in BC. For over two years I partcipated in weekly lessons under his guidance. Closing your eyes and ‘hearing’ nothing or very little is an amazing thing to behold. I want to share this with as many people as I can.

Directed meditation recordings are in production at this time and an online Zoom meeting system is in development as well.

In person courses are available for groups or individuals in the Boundary District. Please contact me (Martin) at info@xrds.tv or call 604 354 7881 or visit the facebook page.