Business Video Offer

A business or organization needs to be seen. The best way is with a short promotional video that can be shared, uploaded and most importantly… one that will be watched.


What more can you ask for? How about 90% off the price of a 59 second professionally produced video. Business introductory, product highlight, organization video, advertisement, promotional videos at a fraction of the cost!

My name is Martin and having worked on hundreds of promotional videos for some of the biggest companies and ad agencies in the world, I know a thing or two on how to get your message across, and… having written and directed 79 episodes of broadcast TV, anchored international news, and educational videos, I should know a thing or two about this ‘video’ business.

Now that I reside in the Boundary, my message to you is simple: A video has to be to the point and clever. Of course, the budget has to be clever as well. So I came up with a ‘clever’ offer with a ‘to the point’ price:

For just $299 (plus GST) for a professionally produced HD video of up to 60 seconds (59 seconds maximum is recommended). No third party presenters, and no distractions. Just a professionally produced video that is just as appealing as it is to the point. The point being a video to help sell your product, organization, performer, or service.

The process is simple:

  • You must be in the region to be eligible for the discount. The region is in Boundary District between Christina Lake and Carmi, and includes the Bridesville area of BC.
  • If you want to see some of my work please click here or for more infomration contact me.
  • Click either payment option below by Paypal or Square.
  • Then when the payment is received, I will call you plan your video and set a filming date.

Paypal processing:

Square card processing ($299+GST)


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*the price is valid in the Boundary District between Christina Lake and Carmi. GST will be added and the price is based on a one day shoot. Offer may end at any time. Other conditions may apply.