LECTURE: World News & Localization

I have copied the poster for my planned lecture series. I hope to arrange venues across western Canada and to go as far as Kenora, Ontario. The dates will span May through June 2019. I hope to raise funds on this series to allow me to complete writing the books I have planned to complete this year. In total, I have four titles that I have started and it seems that the only way will be to offset the financial juxtaposition of a writer is to arrange some advance funding and do what I do. Talk a lot!

So if you know of any venues that would like to host me I will charge a small fee for each attendee or if a group wants to host me we can discuss a deal. There are people that do home concerts so maybe we can arrange something like that. So if you want to host a lecture at your home I can arrange the dates.

If you want to help out now, any donation made with the PayPal button below will put you on the guest list for any lecture that is arranged.